The Greatest Love Story

There are a lot of people in the world who believe that God is love. On the other hand, there are a great deal of folks who believe that God is hateful and vengeful. We can pretty much rule out the hateful part, but the love and vengeance is what has most people perplexed.

When we look at God as a loving God, we go all the way back to the book of Genesis, and creation. God decides that He wants fellowship with His Creation and the love that He has for Man is evident. Even with the expulsion from Eden and then Cain's fugitive status after killing Abel, God still showed His love and compassion for Man by allowing Adam and Eve to live, although not in the Garden. His mercy shows in that Cain was not destroyed, and was allowed to have a family, even though he was not allowed to be part of Adam's family group.

He shows His love in keeping the human race alive through Noah and his sons, and their families on the Ark. The rainbow that God set in the sky is a reminder that He keeps Hi…

The Battle belongs to the Lord

Every day now, the news brings us word of another reason to look toward the Eastern Sky. If it's not some sort of violence such as an act of terrorism, a school shooting, or a public figure's suicide, it's a reason for Conservatives, Christians, or others with a moral compass to shudder.

I have gotten to the point that I have very few reasons to watch the news anymore. I rarely watch t.v. unless it's recorded on my dvr. I can't stomach some of the tripe that the media calls entertainment. Unfortunately, my social media gets some stuff...partly because of the cross-section of the population that are part of my friends list, and partly because of the stuff that's inserted just because.

Okay, now that I've piqued your curiosity, I'll tell you what I'm beating around the bush about. I'm tired of society telling me, my daughter, or anyone else how to raise their own children. Look...I have raised my daughters to be good, morally upstanding citizens. …

Jesus wept.

Jesus wept. That is the shortest verse in the entire Bible, but it speaks volumes about Him. Jesus, fully God and fully Man. Human from stem to stern. To say that He never experienced what we do now is, according to this verse, totally false. He encountered racism, segregation, slavery, bias,, anger, the gamut of emotions, and no doubt He even encountered counter-cultures, but none of it, not one iota of it can compare to the emotion of grief. To put it bluntly, today, Jesus can relate with me, and with others who are going through the process of grief.

In the Bible, Jesus was ministering to those around Him when He got word that one of His dearest friends was very ill, close to death. He acknowledged the news, and continued healing and teaching.  After two more days, Jesus told them that they needed to go to Judea, so that He may "wake" Lazarus. Confused, the Apostles queried that if Lazarus was asleep, then surely he would get better. Jesus had to be blunt …

All the earth will shout Your praise...

As I was coming home from an appointment yesterday, I noticed something. I saw a grackle with its beak pointed skyward, and it was fluttering its wings. About that time, as I listened to my favorite radio station, KSBJ (gotta give a shout out to my friends there. ;)  ), Great Are You Lord came on. Since I was a few cars behind and we had the red light, I got to bathe in that moment.

You know, there are a lot of doubters out there as to whether or not there is a God. To me, it's a no-brainer, but some folks just can't wrap their brains around it. When I look at the trees, for instance, I see an intricate system, perfect in each and every way. Every cell, every molecule, every nuclei is perfectly formed to make sure that my crepe myrtle is beautiful every spring. Even the weeds have structure, much to most gardener's chagrin.

Look at the butterfly. There's one whose wings are absolutely transparent apart from black outlines. When it moves to a green plant, it blends in w…

Rest in peace, Brother Graham

Today, the Christian community lost a powerful voice for the Kingdom of Christ. William Franklin Graham left this life to live eternally with the Love of his life, Jesus. From the age of 16, when he was saved, Billy preached, even to the animals of the Florida swamp, who he practiced with before he actually began preaching.

Billy Graham was a simple man, with a simple, but powerful message. Although I have never attended one of his Crusades, I do remember watching on television the powerful, moving message that he would declare to all listening. His life as a Preacher was and still is, unparalleled.

My heart today, on this rainy day, is saddened at the loss of his presence, but at the same time I know that he is rejoicing with Jesus, his wife Ruth, and all of those who, because of him, now are sharing their stories of how he impacted them and their lives.

Yes, we lost a powerful voice in the Christian Evangelical community today, but Heaven gained a man who brought millions to Christ.…

There is no crystal ball

No, there really isn't...I promise.

The Bible says in Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path.

There is no promise of giving you the upcoming scenes, no promise to whisper in your ear that something evil this way comes. None, nada. What it does say is that your way will be lit by God, so that you can see the things in your path that will cause you to stumble or fall, and that the light will be there so that you are never in the dark. So why do people treat God as if He's a soothsayer, a prognosticator, or a genie?

My guess is, they don't know who He is. They haven't devoured the Word, heck, they haven't even tasted it. They know the basic verses, but couldn't tell you what part of the Bible its in, much less the chapter and verse number. The only reason some people know what John 3:16 is, is because they see a banner at some sporting event and know it to be Biblical. Could they quote it? Probably not. Can you?

I heard a minute bite on Psa…

Hell...are you listening now?

What if I told you that Heaven and Hell are real destinations? Would you believe me?
No, this isn't a discussion about religion, it's about a relationship, and a free gift. Yeah, a weird combination of events, but it's true.

Lets start with the fact that many religions believe in Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise, whatever you want to call it. No matter how you slice it, probably about 90% of the world's population believe there is an afterlife that includes some sort of place that resembles Heaven. Being a Christian myself, I am definitely looking forward to Heaven...the questions answered, the Glory that will unfold in front of me, Everlasting Life...yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Not that I want to go there today, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that would be my destination. Final answer. Lock it in.

However, not as many people believe in Hell. I don't care how twisted a human mind is, or how much devastation has happened, or how abhorrent living conditions…